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8.1 Guix Popup Interface

There is one rather special sub-popup in M-x guix. It is bind to c by default, and you can call it separately with M-x guix-command. It is a popup interface for guix … shell commands. It is probably not very useful, as it provides all the options and flags for all the shell actions and subcommands, so it may be confusing to see them all at once. Nevertheless, a description of this thing follows.

When you select an option, you’ll be prompted for a value in the minibuffer. Many values have completions, so don’t hesitate to press TAB key. Multiple values (for example, packages or lint checkers) should be separated by commas.

After specifying all options and switches for a command, you may choose one of the available actions. The following default actions are available for all commands:

Several commands (guix graph, guix system shepherd-graph and guix system extension-graph) also have a “View graph” action, which allows you to view a generated graph (see Graph Configuration).