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16 Miscellaneous Commands

And some more commands that were not covered by the other chapters.

M-x guix-report-bug

Open a mail buffer to report a bug for GNU Guix similarly to M-x report-emacs-bug command.

M-x guix-set-emacs-environment

Set current Emacs environment according to a specified profile. Note that there is no way to restore the original environment (you have to restart Emacs if you wish to do it).

M-x guix-pull

It is the same as guix pull shell command (see Invoking guix pull in The GNU Guix Reference Manual). With C-u, make it verbose.

Once guix pull has succeeded, the Guix REPL is restarted2. This allows you to keep using the Emacs interface with the updated Guix code.

M-x guix-hash

Compute and copy to the kill ring (see Yanking in The GNU Emacs Manual) the SHA256 hash of a file (see Invoking guix hash in The GNU Guix Reference Manual). With C-u, prompt for a hash format.

If you call this command on a directory, its hash will be calculated recursively without version-controlled files (so you can use this hash in a package recipe).



Note that name/version pairs cannot be used to identify packages (because a name is not necessarily unique), so Emacs-Guix uses special identifiers that live only during a guile session, so if the Guix REPL was restarted, you may want to revert “list” buffer (by pressing g).