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15.6 Miscellaneous Configuration


Some Emacs-Guix commands (for example, M-x guix-hash or M-x guix-package-from-file) may or may not support dired-mode (see Dired in The GNU Emacs Manual). By default, whenever you run them in a Dired buffer, they will use the file name at point—i.e., you will not be prompted for it. If you wish to disable this feature, set guix-support-dired variable to nil.


You may meet a string with file size in several places, in particular, in interface for store items (see Store Items). By default, this string looks like this: ‘96.5k (98765 bytes)’. You can modify this format by using your own function, for example:

(defun my-guix-file-size-string (size)
  (file-size-human-readable size 'si))

(setq guix-file-size-string-function 'my-guix-file-size-string)