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3.3 Package Locations

As you know, package definitions are placed in Guile files. The following commands should help you not get lost in these package locations:

M-x guix-package-locations

Display a list of files with package definitions. You can press P or RET there to display packages placed in the current file in the same way as M-x guix-packages-by-location would do (see Package Commands). Note that when the point is on a location button, RET will open this location file.

M-x guix-find-package-location-file

Open a file with package definitions (press TAB to choose a file from the completion list).

M-x guix-find-package-definition
M-x guix-edit

Find location of a specified package. This is an Emacs analog of guix edit command (see Invoking guix edit in The GNU Guix Reference Manual). As with M-x guix-packages-by-name, you can press TAB to complete a package name.

By default, when you should specify a package name (for example, after M-x guix-edit), you will be prompted for it in the minibuffer, but you can configure Emacs-Guix to use a package name at the current point position (unless C-u is used):

(setq guix-read-package-name-function 'guix-read-package-name-at-point)