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10 Guix Environment Variables Mode

Emacs-Guix provides a major mode based on sh-mode for prettifying environment-variables and profile files. It will split all exported variables and separate them with a newline. All /tmp/guix-build-*-*.drv-*/environment-variables and /etc/profile will be prettified by default.

If you want to disable this prettifying, set guix-env-var-enable-formatting variable to nil.

You could also directly use guix-env-var-prettify-buffer to prettify the current buffer without changing its major mode and guix-env-var-prettify-variable to prettify a variable at current line.

M-x guix-env-var-mode

Enable/disable prettifying for the current buffer.

M-x guix-env-var-prettify-buffer

Prettify current buffer without switching to guix-env-var-mode.

M-x guix-env-var-prettify-variable

Prettify variable assignment at current line.