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5.2.1 Service Commands

The interface for services is very similar to the interface for packages (see Packages). The following commands allows you to look at the Guix System services.

M-x guix-all-services

Display all available services.

M-x guix-default-services

Display services from %base-services (see Base Services in The GNU Guix Reference Manual) or %desktop-services (see Desktop Services in The GNU Guix Reference Manual). You will be prompted in the minibuffer for the variable name (completions available).

M-x guix-services-by-name

Display service(s) with the specified name.

M-x guix-services-by-regexp

Search for services by a specified regexp. By default, “name” and “description” of the services will be searched. This can be changed by modifying guix-service-search-params variable.

M-x guix-services-by-location

Display service(s) located in the specified file.

M-x guix-services-from-system-config-file

Display services from the specified file with operating-system declaration.