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5.3 System Commands

Along with the commands for services and operating-system, there are commands to look at the system profile (/var/guix/profiles/system), its generations and packages installed in it.

M-x guix-system-profile

Display “info” interface for the system profile.

M-x guix-system-generations
M-x guix-last-system-generations
M-x guix-system-generations-by-time

Display generations of the system profile. These commands have the same meaning as the usual generation commands (see Generation Commands).

M-x guix-installed-system-packages

Display packages installed in the system profile.

M-x guix-packages-from-system-config-file
M-x guix-services-from-system-config-file

Display packages/services from the specified system configuration file. You can also look at these packages/services from the “system-info” interface (see System From File).