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2.2 Using from Git

You can use Emacs-Guix directly from a git checkout without any installation.

At first, you need to clone the repository and to run script (it’s just a wrapper for autoreconf command). If you don’t have all dependencies installed, you may use guix.scm file to make an environment to build Emacs-Guix (see Invoking guix environment in The GNU Guix Reference Manual):

$ git clone
$ cd guix.el
$ guix environment --pure --load=guix.scm
$ ./

Now configure and make it (this will compile all Emacs-Lisp and Scheme files, and will generate guix-autoloads.el file):

$ ./configure
$ make

Now all you need, is to add elisp directory to the Emacs load-path and to load the generated autoloads. This can be done by adding the following code into your Emacs init file (see Init File in The GNU Emacs Manual):

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/emacs-guix/elisp")
(require 'guix-autoloads nil t)

Now, if you start Emacs, all M-x guix-… commands should become available.