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11 Build Log Mode

Emacs-Guix provides major and minor modes for highlighting build logs. So when you have a file with a package build output—for example, a file returned by guix build --log-file … command (see Invoking guix build in The GNU Guix Reference Manual), you may call M-x guix-build-log-mode command in the buffer with this file. This major mode highlights some lines specific to build output and provides the following key bindings:


Move to the next build phase.


Move to the previous build phase.


Toggle (show/hide) the body of the current build phase.


Toggle (show/hide) the bodies of all build phases.

There is also M-x guix-build-log-minor-mode which also provides the same highlighting and the same key bindings as the major mode, but prefixed with C-c. You may find this minor mode useful for shell buffers (see Interactive Shell in The GNU Emacs Manual). It can be enabled there like this:

(add-hook 'shell-mode-hook 'guix-build-log-minor-mode)